Thursday, March 16, 2017

Literature Circles

Moral dilemma is a conflict where you have to choose between two or more actions. In Nothing But The Truth the person fighting moral dilemma is a kid/boy named Phillip in this book he is face by his english teacher when he is caught humming the Star Spangled Banner. He has to choose on what he wants to do if he wants to stay at his old school or transfer to a different school. Nothing But The Truth By: Avi.  The other book we read was Nobody Else Has To Know, in this story a boy named Webb is a great runner, but there is one small problem his Grampa thinks way to highly of Webb. So one day Webb's Grampa decides to let him drive and he gets behind the wheel and he's driving having a good time until all of a sudden he hits a girl. So now he has to make a serious choice does he let Grampa take all the blame or does he take some? All is revealed in Nobody Else Has To Know.
In Nothing But The Truth, it was solved by transferring Phillip to a different school.
In  Nobody Else Has To Know, In the book it never told us if Grampa took all of the blame or not. Nobody Else Has To Know, I would have taken some of the blame because I would have hit the girl but also Grampa would have been at fault for letting me drive. In Nothing But The Truth, I would have transferred to the other school so I could actually sing the Star Spangled Banner.


  1. I like how you underlined your titles good descriptions

  2. I like how you thoroughly described what happened in the books without giving too much away. Good Job!

  3. You made these books sound very intriguing. I want to read them! good descriptions!

  4. I want to read Nothing But The Truth thanks to you! Great way to inform us of your books.

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    1. I messed up! I meant to say that I liked the way you described Nobody Else has to Know, and I might want to read it.