Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Hannibal Reflection

  1.  On this trip or some background about Mark Twain, Mark Twain was a man that lived in the 1800's he was famous for his writing because he was the first to write how the people talked so as we read his books today they make sense but because of how they talked it can get really hard to understand. When Mark Twain was 12 years old he became a riverboat apprentice on a riverboat. In Hannibal, you can go and see his family home, Becky Thatcher's house ( his spouse in his book The Adventures of Tom Sawyer), and also you can see Huck Finn's house (one of his best friends back in Mark Twain's day.) 
  2. Our Mark Twain unit before we went to Hannibal was very helpful because we knew the background of his life and kind of how he lived but we also got a taste of his writing. The breakout box we did was very helpful because we learned his inspiration for changing his name we figured out why they never moved back to Connecticut all of that information helped put the pieces together on this trip.                                                                         
  3. One thing I learned on the riverboat was about was the huge cliff called Lover's Leap, it was called this because an Indian boy and his girlfriend were sitting up there and talking when she didn't like what the boy said to her so she jumped or "leaped" off of the mountain and she killed herself. Another thing I learned was every night a lady would go up in the light house and she would light a candle so the riverboat's would know they were close to their landing or they would know exactly where they were and how long they had until their landing dock.
  4.  At the Boyhood Home I learned that Mark Twain's "mattress" was ropes! I can not imagine sleeping on ropes I would be so uncomfortable, very understanding why Mark and his friends were always outside because their houses were small but their beds were also not very comfortable. I learned the boyhood home that there was this statue of about 11 or so people that costed 1 million dollars and no one could afford that because it was during The Great Depression. So later on in life they found that statue and paid for it to put it in the Boyhood Home.  
  5. One thing I learned was that when Becky and Tom were going through the cave they had one light source that hardly allowed them to see but then a bat swooped down and turned out the candlelight and then they had no light source so they had to crawl on the ground until they came to a huge hole and they had to stop on it so they didn't fall down and hurt themselves until..... Injun Joe popped out and was chasing Tom until he got to Becky and then Injun Joe fell down a hole and then they found his body after that right outside of the John East entrance and he is buried right outside of that to protect the cave. Another thing I learned from Nathan was about he bats, ,in about 2000 there were about 2,000 bats in the combined caves of the Mark Twain Cave and Cameron Cave but now there are only about 50 in the combined caves due to the disease White Nose Syndrome. Very sad.
  6. My favorite part of the whole field trip was the caves because it was so hard to believe that the caves were not hand made they were formed like that. I was not worried when he told us the story of Becky and Tom in the dark but you definetly couldn't see. Our guide was the nicest person ever he was kind of shy and talked fast at first but then he warmed up to us and we had an amazing time. 
  7. I would say the most fun part of the trip was the riverboat because it was an oppurtunity when the guide wasn't talking to discuss what the pilot was saying which not all of us did but Sara, Ivy, Tate, and I did at one point about the Lover's Leap. I loved the riverboat it was very factual and really fun to go on and learn more about Mark Twain.
  8. Definetly sit together as much as you can becasue when we split up on the riverboat there really wasn't much focus it was just let's talk to friends not let's listen which is what it should be but unfortunately it wasn't. Overall a great trip, have fun future 7th graders!

Monday, April 9, 2018

History Day Reflection

  1.  Our topic was the Peace Wall of Belfast: How This Compromise Amplified Conflict and Sara and I did a Group Website.
  2. I totally agree with what they said because they said we could and should include how other walls made this wall go up and why it's creating conflict. Also have a timeline and more history with it.
  3.  The most interesting thing I learned about my topic was the video of the girls walking down the street and had stuff thrown at them and even the bombs thrown at the police they just don't care who is in front of them.
  4.  The hardest part of this project was when we didn't publish our website it didn't save and that was frustrating when some things were gone it just made me super angry and mad at myself!
  5. Always proof read the published site before u go final and don't make anymore changes that is going to be a huge thing for me in future projects.
  6.  Don't forget to publish and proof read everthing in your website before going final.
  7.  The thing I'm most proud of was our presentation we were very well spoken they said and that we have great presenting voices.
  8. PROOF READ and also do NOT forget to publish after everything you do!

Friday, January 5, 2018

One Word

        I chose the word strive, I chose this word because I want to get in the weight room and train and do a lot of stuff to get more fit. I also chose this because when it comes to practice I always dread it like I don't always go 100% which I need to get better at and that's where I come to my word strive, I want to work hard and strive to be the best at everything I do! I want to give 100% every play and every practice I want to be tired I want to walk out of the weight room or out of practice feeling sore and tired and like I need to go to bed and get after it every day! This is why I chose strive I'm so excited to see how far I can come with a new mindset in 2018!

Friday, November 17, 2017

Iowa State Field Trip

My first class was an Engineering class called Protect The Pringle, in this class I learned about the 12 types of Engineering fields some include Agriculture, Biomedical, Technology, Civil, Mechanical, and many more! In this class I had a partner from Le Mars Middle School and we designed a box shape and lots of protection to survive 2 tests one was they dropped a text book on your design and then the second one was they put your design in a box full of legos and shook it around! The second class I took was There's Science In My Food, in this class I was with Dumo and a kid that went to a school in Cedar Rapids we took soy milk and brought it to boiling temperature and then added magnesium sulfate to make curds then later we found out that that's how you make tofu! Also we tried different cheeses one was Cream Cheese and the other cheese was Provolone but the other one was tofu and it was really squishy and moist and had no flavor! I would say I learned the most during the tour witch was so awesome our tour guide was great! Something I learned about Iowa State was the field I want to go in Iowa State has classes for it! I think the most fun of the day was meeting a whole bunch of new people! I would say maybe tour more stuff and go inside them maybe but overall it was fun! I got out of this like what Iowa State has to offer for my degree I would like to go in I learned a lot about it!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Independent Project

I chose CTE for my topic! I chose this topic because when I heard about all the deaths related to CTE I just had to research it! I think the most fascinating things I learned is how many concussions ONE player could get it was 8 for just one guy! I still want to find out how tau protein forms and what bacteria if it has any like what diseases or bacteria the tau protein has in it! I chose to do a google slide so I could have more facts and more slides on 1 presentation! What makes me proud about my project is like how I organized it and what facts I told! I look forward to this project every year!

Friday, October 20, 2017

DWA 1st Quarter

DWA 9/14

            I would choose the Wounded Warrior Project for my charity because I like to honor those who have served and that have injuries because they risk their lives for US! Our nation not for them selves, not for one person, not for one group, but they do it for us and our country. That's why I would choose the Wounded Warrior Project!

DWA 9/11
            I think young adults ages 12-17 should get to vote because what's in our brains may help the community with voting. I feel like when there is a vote going on kids these days don't know about them! So, I think when we aren't allowed to vote we have no idea who's running, what it's for, or even when it is! So, that's why I think young adults ages 12-17 should be able to vote!