Thursday, March 16, 2017

Literature Circles

Moral dilemma is a conflict where you have to choose between two or more actions. In Nothing But The Truth the person fighting moral dilemma is a kid/boy named Phillip in this book he is face by his english teacher when he is caught humming the Star Spangled Banner. He has to choose on what he wants to do if he wants to stay at his old school or transfer to a different school. Nothing But The Truth By: Avi.  The other book we read was Nobody Else Has To Know, in this story a boy named Webb is a great runner, but there is one small problem his Grampa thinks way to highly of Webb. So one day Webb's Grampa decides to let him drive and he gets behind the wheel and he's driving having a good time until all of a sudden he hits a girl. So now he has to make a serious choice does he let Grampa take all the blame or does he take some? All is revealed in Nobody Else Has To Know.
In Nothing But The Truth, it was solved by transferring Phillip to a different school.
In  Nobody Else Has To Know, In the book it never told us if Grampa took all of the blame or not. Nobody Else Has To Know, I would have taken some of the blame because I would have hit the girl but also Grampa would have been at fault for letting me drive. In Nothing But The Truth, I would have transferred to the other school so I could actually sing the Star Spangled Banner.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Invent Iowa

Sara and I made an invention called Whack-O-Sense. The title Whack-O-Sense meant that whenever the sensor got moved or whacked there would be a  band that is stretchy that will pull the sensor pack to it's normal place.
We were trying to solve the number of shootings there are by just pulling a gun out of your car window and shooting someone and we want to take that rate way down.
Our invention simply detects the gun and the ammunition in the gun and the cops have a screen called the Mono-Sense that shows you what the sensor sees so the cop can pull the car over if necessary. I am most proud of that the judges liked our invention it wasn't just them doubting us they believed in us so that made us more talkative which helped us explain more about our invention. When we left the liquid glue over night on paper it crusted and eventually folded the paper so we had to glue it to our board as safely and as secure as possible. We would add the word cost at the bottom of our board above the costs of the invention we would also write our names. I had so much fun with Sara on this project the turnout didn't go how we wanted it but we sure did have a blast. This project was probably my favorite project in Goal.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Independent Project

I did my independent project on google slides and my project was on concussions.
I liked how I learned about all the athletes and how many concussions they have had.
I think the hardest part was trying to get the slides done in like 2 days.
I improved on like what cures they have and what they don't to prevent concussions.
I would definitely do a demonstration of what a concussion does to your brain to help them see what goes on inside the brain during a concussion.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

2016-2017 1st Blog Post

1.   My academic goal for school this year will be too read and study more at home so when I come to school I know what to do and know what I'm talking about and not being shy to raise my hand and give an answer just because I think it's stupid.

2.   My personal behavior goal kind of goes with the other and it's don't be scared to answer incorrectly it will only make you learn more and that's what I think I need to learn.

3.   Something I think I need to improve on is working hard and doing the extra credit things and doing the hard things and doing the challenging things not to just take it easy and only do the easy part express my mind to some new stuff and try it out once or twice.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016


1.   My opinion changed a lot I love reading and writing poetry now.

2.   My favorite poetry activity was poetry poker because you didn't know what you were gonna get and it was a chance to take more cards.

3.   I chose the poem The Naked Truth  By: Susan Kats     I chose it because I wanted to give everybody a laugh.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Sports and Games Around the World Project Reflection

My project was ski jumping and to show what I knew I made a     miniature model of the slope and also made a skier. I thought the most interesting fact I learned was that girls ski jumping wasn't included in the Olympics until 2014.
                                                                  I think I would improve by making the person go down the slope and have the slope have snow.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Michael Jordan Video

One way Michael Jordan connects to my life is Michael and I both played sports such as Baseball and Basketball.  Michael Jordan inspires me to keep on going when I fail because when we loose to a close one in baseball i'm always down on myself. Now when that happens again i'm gonna remember what he said that failing helps you succeed.