Friday, January 5, 2018

One Word

        I chose the word strive, I chose this word because I want to get in the weight room and train and do a lot of stuff to get more fit. I also chose this because when it comes to practice I always dread it like I don't always go 100% which I need to get better at and that's where I come to my word strive, I want to work hard and strive to be the best at everything I do! I want to give 100% every play and every practice I want to be tired I want to walk out of the weight room or out of practice feeling sore and tired and like I need to go to bed and get after it every day! This is why I chose strive I'm so excited to see how far I can come with a new mindset in 2018!

Friday, November 17, 2017

Iowa State Field Trip

My first class was an Engineering class called Protect The Pringle, in this class I learned about the 12 types of Engineering fields some include Agriculture, Biomedical, Technology, Civil, Mechanical, and many more! In this class I had a partner from Le Mars Middle School and we designed a box shape and lots of protection to survive 2 tests one was they dropped a text book on your design and then the second one was they put your design in a box full of legos and shook it around! The second class I took was There's Science In My Food, in this class I was with Dumo and a kid that went to a school in Cedar Rapids we took soy milk and brought it to boiling temperature and then added magnesium sulfate to make curds then later we found out that that's how you make tofu! Also we tried different cheeses one was Cream Cheese and the other cheese was Provolone but the other one was tofu and it was really squishy and moist and had no flavor! I would say I learned the most during the tour witch was so awesome our tour guide was great! Something I learned about Iowa State was the field I want to go in Iowa State has classes for it! I think the most fun of the day was meeting a whole bunch of new people! I would say maybe tour more stuff and go inside them maybe but overall it was fun! I got out of this like what Iowa State has to offer for my degree I would like to go in I learned a lot about it!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Independent Project

I chose CTE for my topic! I chose this topic because when I heard about all the deaths related to CTE I just had to research it! I think the most fascinating things I learned is how many concussions ONE player could get it was 8 for just one guy! I still want to find out how tau protein forms and what bacteria if it has any like what diseases or bacteria the tau protein has in it! I chose to do a google slide so I could have more facts and more slides on 1 presentation! What makes me proud about my project is like how I organized it and what facts I told! I look forward to this project every year!

Friday, October 20, 2017

DWA 1st Quarter

DWA 9/14

            I would choose the Wounded Warrior Project for my charity because I like to honor those who have served and that have injuries because they risk their lives for US! Our nation not for them selves, not for one person, not for one group, but they do it for us and our country. That's why I would choose the Wounded Warrior Project!

DWA 9/11
            I think young adults ages 12-17 should get to vote because what's in our brains may help the community with voting. I feel like when there is a vote going on kids these days don't know about them! So, I think when we aren't allowed to vote we have no idea who's running, what it's for, or even when it is! So, that's why I think young adults ages 12-17 should be able to vote!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Words of Wisdom

I learned that there are so many things that different people think are important for us to know! Also, I learned from some class mates that I need to add more color to make it stand out more! I also learned how important communicating with other is like I was so nervous to just ask in person I normally don't get that nervous but I feel it was because I had to ask their age!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Nauvoo Field Trip

I would say my favorite part was the games, I think this because there were so many games I haven't even heard of! The stilts were like the hardest thing I have ever tried to stand on! Something new I learned that they did in the 1840's was the machine they used to make bricks with some people use it still today which amazes me! Their leader was killed and the people were forced out of their homes because of their religion. I would want to research about the gunsmith shop because I would want to see what brands they made and if there are any similar to now!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Literature Circles

Moral dilemma is a conflict where you have to choose between two or more actions. In Nothing But The Truth the person fighting moral dilemma is a kid/boy named Phillip in this book he is face by his english teacher when he is caught humming the Star Spangled Banner. He has to choose on what he wants to do if he wants to stay at his old school or transfer to a different school. Nothing But The Truth By: Avi.  The other book we read was Nobody Else Has To Know, in this story a boy named Webb is a great runner, but there is one small problem his Grampa thinks way to highly of Webb. So one day Webb's Grampa decides to let him drive and he gets behind the wheel and he's driving having a good time until all of a sudden he hits a girl. So now he has to make a serious choice does he let Grampa take all the blame or does he take some? All is revealed in Nobody Else Has To Know.
In Nothing But The Truth, it was solved by transferring Phillip to a different school.
In  Nobody Else Has To Know, In the book it never told us if Grampa took all of the blame or not. Nobody Else Has To Know, I would have taken some of the blame because I would have hit the girl but also Grampa would have been at fault for letting me drive. In Nothing But The Truth, I would have transferred to the other school so I could actually sing the Star Spangled Banner.